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Varah Gourmet Luxuries

Varah Paan Bites

Varah Paan Bites

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Discover the Rich Heritage of Traditional South Asian Paan

Paan has a storied history dating back thousands of years, with its origins rooted in the royal households of South Asia, where it was enjoyed as a post-meal breath refresher.

What is Paan?

A traditional Paan consists of a betel leaf folded into a triangle and filled with a delightful mixture of rose petal jam, fennel seeds, dried coconut, cardamom, and other aromatic spices. This combination creates a unique and flavorful experience, though it can sometimes be a bit messy to enjoy.

Introducing Varah Paan Bites

Varah Paan Bites bring the exquisite flavors of traditional Paan into a convenient and mess-free truffle form. These Paan Bites are crafted with a blend of pistachios, almonds, watermelon seeds, and cilantro seeds, infused with the classic Paan flavors of rose petal jam, dry betel leaf, fennel, and cardamom.

Enhance your post-meal experience with Varah Paan Bites—capturing the essence of traditional South Asian Paan in a modern, easy-to-enjoy format.

Variety Box Contents

Each box of Paan Bites contains three different variations of Paan Bites: 

  • Classic Varah Paan Bites: Topped with rose petal leaves; enjoy the timeless taste of traditional Paan.
  • Kesar Pista Paan Bites: Topped with saffron & crushed pistachio; savor the luxurious saffron and pistachio flavor.
  • Elaichi Badaam Paan Bites: Topped with cardamom & almond; delight in the aromatic cardamom and almond blend.

Note: Box colors may vary.

Quality and Freshness Guaranteed

All our products are meticulously made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Due to this careful process, our Paan Bites have a short expiry period.

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