About Us

Hi, I'm Pooja, the founder of Varah Gourmet Luxuries.

We are a unique food gifting business that transforms the way people experience gourmet gifting. Our mission is to transform the common notion that food-based gifts are a choice between good looks and good health.

Founded in 2016, our journey began with a single box of home-made stuffed dates gifted to a diabetic friend, proving that life can indeed be more than a box of chocolates. This thoughtful gesture blossomed into a thriving business that puts health, enjoyment, and cultural influences at the forefront.

Our inspiration is deeply rooted in South Asian culture, reflecting my personal background and experiences living in various parts of the world, including Dubai, Boston, and now San Francisco. Our menu echoes these global influences, combining Middle Eastern ingredients, Indian traditions, and Western aesthetics into uniquely enjoyable gourmet gifts.

We take pride in our all-vegetarian menu, catering to dietary restrictions and preferences with dairy-free and gluten-free options, as well as offerings free of refined sugars. This not only caters to my personal dietary needs as a lactose intolerant and borderline gluten intolerant individual, but also makes our products accessible to a wider audience who value health-conscious choices.

The name 'Varah', which means blessing in Sanskrit, encapsulates the essence of our brand. Our product line, much like the name, represents a blessing - a gift of health, taste, and beauty, all wrapped in one.

Our packaging is reminiscent of festive boxes traditionally gifted during celebratory seasons, adding an extra layer of nostalgia and sentiment to our gifts. It is not merely about the food we offer but the entire experience, from the visual appeal of the packaging to the delightful and healthy treats inside.

In essence, Varah Gourmet Luxuries is more than just a business. It is a reflection of my life experiences, my values, and my commitment to creating food gifts that are not just good to look at, but also good for you. Through Varah, we are changing the narrative of gourmet gifting, proving that health and beauty can coexist harmoniously.

I hope you enjoy our treats as much as I have enjoyed putting them together for you.

If you’d like to collaborate, please reach out at pooja@varah.us