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About Us

Hi everyone, my name is Pooja. I started this company in October 2016.

The Product: My first product  was stuffed premium dates. I slowly grew my menu to many healthy, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free bites. (I am lactose intolerant and border-line gluten intolerant). In 2018, I introduced a product called Paan Bites, which is a dry version of a very popular Indian after meal treat. Paan Bites became really popular, very quickly and is my best seller till date! Due to high labor cost in California, I have to keep my menu small and seasonal!

Packaging: Being an Interior Designer, the designer/artist in me, had a vision of how my product should look. I knew that I wanted to build a product that was not only high in quality,  but also packaged beautifully. I started designing my own boxes, my own gift trays, ribbons and laser cuts for every occasion. 

Company Name: My belief is that the whole business idea came upon me as a blessing in disguise. Varah means 'Blessing' in Sanskrit.

Move from UAE to USA: Until June 2019, I ran the company in Dubai, UAE. In 2019, I had to move back to United States, which is why I had to shut operations in UAE. I was very passionate about the brand that I had built from zero, so I decided to start it all over again in USA. At first, I started it as a cottage food business, but realized very quickly that it had potential of growing, so I  registered an LLC, got the required permits and rented space at a commercial kitchen.

Cooking Classes: I have been teaching cooking (online and in person) for over 15 years, have partnered with cooking schools in the Bay Area and Boston, and hosted classes for charities like CFRI (Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc) and NCL (National Charity League). 

Future: My dream is to have my own production facility and a cooking school space someday.