Our favorite sweets for Rakshabandhan

Our favorite sweets for Rakshabandhan

While the tradition of gifting sweets during Rakshabandhan is timeless, making healthier choices that align with modern dietary needs is crucial.

This Rakshabandhan, honor this beautiful tradition with Varah’s Utsav Fruit & Nut Bites, a premium variety box of sweets that combines the richness of traditional mithai with the benefits of clean, high-quality ingredients. 

Our Utsav Fruit & Nut Bites Gift Box for Rakhi maintains the flavors we remember growing up with, but  remove the refined sugars, dairy, gluten and other additives for a perfectly sweet, delicately flavored sweets that are beautifully packaged for gifting.  Our box contains six different kind of bites: 

  • Chai Spice Cashew - our version of Kaju Katli; creamy cashew spread, spiced with a hint of chai masala, decorated with sliced pistachios
  • Almond Saffron - a better Badam Barfi; a medley of crunchy & creamy almonds, saffron and a perfect blend of spices
  • Fig Pistachio - will remind you of Anjeer Barfi; classic fig and nut bites coated with crushed pistachios
  • Coconut Mawa Masti - Coconut Laddoos; a dreamy, creamy truffle made with desiccated coconut, nuts and cardamom
  • Date Crunch - Khajoor Barfi; a perfect blend of walnuts and dates, topped with a candied pecan
  • Pecan Pie Bliss - ok, so we didn't have this growing up, its inspired by our time in America; pecans, nutmeg and cinnamon, lightly sweetened, making every bite so blissful

We hope you love these as much as we do!  Shop our Rakhi Store for these and other amazing treats.


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