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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Refund Policy is available at this link
Our shipping policy is available at this link
In some cases, we are able to accommodate this request and charge you for the extra shipping cost. Please contact us at to discuss.
Yes, we are able to ship to Canada. Until we can update our systems, please contact us at for options.
No, sorry, at this point we are unable to ship to other countries. We are working on a way to solve this problem, stay tuned for details.
To maintain quality and freshness all our products are made in small batches and have a short expiry. They do not need to be refrigerated until they are opened. Once opened, please refrigerate and consume within two weeks.
All our products are 100% vegetarian. We do not use any dairy products, alcohol or alcohol-containing products (such as vanilla extract) in our production. According to Cruelty Free Reviews, this meets the criteria for being Halal.